Every Monday from March 18th - April 22nd | First Presbyterian Church | 302 S. Chestnut Street, Winnsboro | 2:00pm

Every Wednesday from March 20th - April 24th | First United Methodist Church | 301 Church Street, Winnsboro | 9:00am

Bible study is Leslie's favorite!  She loves writing and teaching, and would love to come to your church, camp, conference civic, organization, or home and get into God’s transformational Word with you.  Whether you do a 6-week study, or just a one-night teaching, Leslie would love to have the opportunity to share what the Lord has given her through Bible study.

The three studies we have available now are The Women of the Bible, Free(d) to Love, and the newest study, DIFFERENT.  For more information on these studies and how to bring them to your group, call Leslie at 903-588-4075.

See below and check out our youtube channel for several teachings on the Women of the Bible!